Designer Challenge: Designing for the Senses 

The Philly Home Show designers Tommi Mischell and Denise Sabia have styled and outfitted two uniquely designed rooms that are made to provide a full sensory experience, tickling each one of your five senses. Where is the intersection of sight, smell, sound, touch and taste? Allow Tommi and Denise to show you.

Denise Sabia



Denise Sabia, owner of The Painted Home, is the creative force behind various endeavors. A single mom of three kids, Denise specializes in taking everyday items found in flea markets, thrift shops or even roadside and turning them into unique pieces that freshen and warm your home … without breaking your budget. Whether it be the design of a room, revitalizing a piece of furniture, teaching a craft on local TV or headlining seminars on fun ways to transform your living room, Denise does it all with her own brand of humor and flare. Her magnetic, inspiring, sarcastic, practical and straight forward personality makes
her instantly lovable.

Media Room Design Board

Denise Design Board


Tommi Mischell K Gallery Art & Design

K Gallery

Croatian born artist, designer, singer songwriter founder of“ K Gallery Art & Design” since 1997 whose work has been published on national TV and European Press.

Besides Interior Design, she is also a successful stage and set designer. One of her furniture brands “Jolie Melissa” debuted on an upcoming music video. The design was initially represented at Philadelphia Home Show 2012, originally designed for our “weather girl “Melissa Magee 6ABC.

Being a multi - disciplinary Artist allows her to express a unique individuality which gets implemented in creating new spaces. She has expending designing her own furniture and light fixture. Her inspiration lies in simple life where she comes from, a land of thousands of islands, her childhood and her father who passed away last year and she dedicate her furniture brand to the man who influence her the most. Her father was shipyard engineer, which details of that industry are present in her design or perhaps we can say, they are thoughtfully sneaked in. The sideboard “Tomaggio” (her father nickname) is elegant fusion of exotic rose wood in modern clean line and industrial metal inlay. Open ring presenting “piston ring” very small part surrounding the cylinder in engine but important to keep engine running. This underlines her life philosophy “It is all hidden in details and it is on you to recognizing them”.

Tommi design

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